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Get Scaffolding Inspector Training Course Certifications To Develop skills of Scaffold fault-finding, Preparing inspection reports, identifying Hazards associated with scaffolding.

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Scaffolding Inspector Course

To reach certain areas in a high place, you need support from a ladder or something to bring you leverage. On a construction site, workers do this by using scaffolding. But what is scaffolding and why is it used in a construction site?

Scaffolding is an elevated, temporary platform used to hold workers so they can reach any level of the construction site. Erecting this structure is vital as this helps support the workers in maneuvering the building. It is used to help them move freely and access places where construction is mostly needed. However, putting up scaffolding is not easy. It not only requires strength, but it also needs guidance and supervision from a person in charge as well. To secure a scaffolding, manpower is needed to assemble it.

With the right knowledge and proper information, ITAC offers scaffolding inspector training. It is a vital lesson to know especially if you’ll be in this field and in need of thorough training to work in potentially dangerous places. Being in a scaffolding inspector course is advantageous because it equips you with the familiarity of how scaffolding in a construction workplace happens. It covers topics that are necessary for this particular course and equips you with the knowledge to fully understand the mechanics that go into being a scaffolding inspector.

The scaffolding inspector course can be used by scaffold supervisors, scaffold erectors, site managers, and scaffold inspectors or the ones who have been involved with inspecting scaffolding. Through ITAC, scaffolding inspector training offers new learning techniques and practices to work in possibly dangerous places.

To inquire about scaffolding inspector training in the workplace or on any of our other services, inquire at ITAC today. Contact us through our mobile number or email us about your queries. Our representatives will be more than happy to provide you with answers to any of your questions.

Course Objectives

The training aims to emphasize to delegates the employer’s statutory obligation to have competent persons inspect and then complete reports on scaffolds in the workplace. Also to give delegates practice at inspecting scaffolds and completing inspection reports.

Learning Outcomes

After the training, the participant will be able to:

  • Recognize hazards involved in scaffolding erecting and dismantling
  • Properly execute the steps involving scaffolding erection and dismantling 

Course Content Topics Covered Include:

  • Legislation, regulations and legal requirements
  • Introduction of basic/advanced scaffolds
  • Safe erection/dismantling
  • Types of scaffold components
  • Scafftag procedures
  • Hazards associated with scaffolding
  • Proper inspection method
  • Scaffold fault-finding
  • Preparing inspection reports
  • Practical exercises


  • Oral/Verbal/ Practical Examination
  • Practical Demonstration

Course Duration

1 days


Successful delegates will be issued a certificate valid for 2 years.

Approval & Accredited by national and international bodies.

  • DM Approved

Frequently Asked Questions

The scaffolding inspector course is a kind of learning that helps workers easily reach high areas on construction sites. The course is very valuable and important for those who have handled projects for inspection purposes.

Scaffolding inspector training benefits those individuals to make sure that their inspectors have the precise knowledge and skills to consider scaffolding safety, and further identify potential hazards for safety reasons.

The scaffolding inspector course is made for professionals like safety officers, site inspectors, engineers, and anyone who is involved in construction activities. The course ensures that everyone should learn necessary safety operations on construction sites.

The course is authorized by an internationally recognized organization to provide in-depth knowledge of safety protocols. It is designed to learn about scaffolding design and installation, as well as safety protocols. It also empowers workers to easily and effectively identify potential hazards on construction sites.

ITAC covers all necessary topics, including legislation, regulations, and legal requirements, the introduction of basic safety concerns, procedures, inspection methods, fault finding, and practical exercises.

Modes of Training

Face to Face
On Site

Language of Teaching

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Tagalog
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil


6-12 per batch
Mary Raj
Mary Raj
Good. Probably better than in-class training as the jump between lecture notes & interactive modelling was seamless. Of course the interaction with other ...
marags hydee
marags hydee
the training was good and i had a best experience in it.. thanks to ITAC Safety
anax cctv
anax cctv
The Training we have received from ITAC Safety Dubai has been excellent. They were extremely professional and pleasant to work with and we look forward to working with them again in the near future. I would like to recommend ITAC Safety Training Institute in Dubai UAE to all.
Anax Infotech
Anax Infotech
Very good training
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