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Medic First Aid Training Dubai

Medic First Aid Training Course Certificate

As a health and safety, risk management training provider, ITAC offers multiple courses that tackle medical assistance as well. One of those is a medic first aid course. In this session, students will learn the basic understanding and importance of first aid at work. The goal of this medic first aid training is to familiarize terms and value its significance in the workforce. The medic first aid training course is a combination of both practical and theory training sessions. In the medic first aid course, participants will learn how to handle tough situations in the medical field such as workplace injuries, bleeding, unconsciousness, and shock. The topics that will be covered in this totals to 60 lessons. From heat exhaustion to fainting and even animal stings, this course aims to educate people from all ages and have the confidence to save lives in real-life scenarios. 

There are many different ways to save a life – it can be through resuscitation, alerting someone of potential danger, or simply uttering a few words as an advice. These acts of courage and compassion towards other people shows the humanity in us. And as citizens of this planet, we have a responsibility to help those in need and act before it’s too late.

There’s no better way of helping others than helping them in their most time of need. Being able to know first aid is just as important as knowing the field of work you are in. When you finish the course, you will receive a medic first aid certificate. On the other hand, if you are looking for a different course to study on, you can always choose from our multiple and varied courses with the help of our trained professionals. Help make the world a safer place to live in and educate yourself today with ITAC.

Course Objectives

Medic first aid training course provides an understanding of the requirements for the importance of First Aid at Work as properly guided under UAE Laws and Regulation. It defines the basic purpose of First Aid, to gain knowledge and skills in saving lives in the workplace, know the importance of Incident/accident reporting / form, familiarizing the basic contents of the company’s First Kit and to gain confidence in saving lives in real life scenarios. After completing the course, successful participants will achieve a medic first aid certificate that helps them to pursue a well-settled and professional job in the most designated environment.

Learning Outcomes

After the training, the participant will be able to:

  • use the knowledge to assess incidents/accidents in their workplace. 
  • be able to have ideas on the basic procedures for first aid. Participants will be certified internationally and shall be able to use it wherever they may be working.

Course Content Topics Covered Include:

Unit ID1: Know – Workplace Health and Safety Principles
Primary Assessment – Unresponsive Person Recovery Position Caring for Cardiac Arrest
Multiple Provider Approach to CPRChokingAssessment
Primary Assessment – Responsive PersonSecondary Assessment Sudden Injury
Severe Allergic or Discomfort in Chest Poisoning Severe Abdominal Pain
Heat ExhaustionHeat Stroke Tourniquets
Hemostatic Dressings Using a Tourniquet Using a Hemostatic Dressing
Shock Internal BleedingAmputation
Impaled SubjectOpen Chest Injury Open Abdominal Injury
Spinal Injury Brain Injury Head, Neck, Back Injury
ConcussionSwollen, Painful, Deformed LimbBurns
NosebleedInjured Tooth Altered Mental Issues
Breathing Difficulty, Shortness of BreathAsthma and InhalersControl Bleeding
HypothermiaFrostbiteStinging Insects
SnakebitesTick BitesMarine Animal Stings
Animal and Human BitesEmotional ConsiderationAED Operation
Good Samaritan LawsEmergency Medical ServicesEmergency Action Plans
Poison Help LineEmergency MovesOxygen and the Human Body
Sudden Cardiac ArrestCardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Early Defibrillation
Chain of Survival Secondary Cardiac ArrestOpioid Overdose


  • Oral/Written/ Practical Examination

Course Duration

1 days


Successful delegates will be issued a certificate valid for 2 years.

Approval & Accredited by national and international bodies.

  • KHDA approval

Frequently Asked Questions

This training session has been made for non-medical professionals to provide immediate assistance when someone needs medical help. In this training, participants will learn all sorts of important and basic life-saving techniques such as CPR, etc.

The training course certificate lasts for three years. The certificate also helps employees to work in a qualified workplace that requires a first aid training job.

You will get an internationally recognizable certificate. The certificate is highly professional and brings your career up in most cases.

At ITAC, you will find a combination of practical and theoretical training sessions that allow participants to understand the deep core value of first aid and how it helps to safe an individual’s life.

This medic first aid training program is designed to help people with non-medical professional backgrounds so they can provide assistance in times of crisis. The course provides in-depth knowledge and understanding to adopt first aid best practices including asthma, choking, burns, etc.

Modes of Training

Face to Face
On Site

Language of Teaching

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Tagalog
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil


6-12 per batch
Mary Raj
Mary Raj
Good. Probably better than in-class training as the jump between lecture notes & interactive modelling was seamless. Of course the interaction with other ...
marags hydee
marags hydee
the training was good and i had a best experience in it.. thanks to ITAC Safety
anax cctv
anax cctv
The Training we have received from ITAC Safety Dubai has been excellent. They were extremely professional and pleasant to work with and we look forward to working with them again in the near future. I would like to recommend ITAC Safety Training Institute in Dubai UAE to all.
Anax Infotech
Anax Infotech
Very good training
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