Lifting Supervisor Training in Dubai

Get lifting supervisor training course Dubai with certification to develop skills of selecting and safely usage of a wire rope, chain, web sling , lifting accessories, crane safety and positioning of people.

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Lifting Supervisor Training Course Dubai

ITAC is a KHDA and DM-approved training company who are capable of providing you with the necessary skills and information needed to complete your lifting supervisor training. Working in a construction site that requires heavy lifting of building materials needs the right kind of lifting support from certain individuals. With our help, we can equip you with the essential qualities of a lifting supervisor so you can provide a safer working place for your co-workers. Enroll in our lifting supervisor course today and discover excellent guidance from our skilled lifting experts and crane operators. 

ITAC’s lifting supervisor training in Dubai provides content topics that help individuals identify the correct procedures and initiate the right process to perform lifting tasks and crane operation. Being a crane safety operator comes with specific tasks and to efficiently oversee and carry out overhead crane operations, the following duties are needed to be learned and carried out in our lifting supervisor course:

  1. Site Health and Safety Requirements

Before we provide our participants with knowledge on lifting supervisor training, we teach the safety requirements first. This is one of the most important lessons to share since this deals with lifting hazards and helps prevent site accidents or injuries.  

  1. Sling Method and Configurations

ITAC will introduce terminologies associated with lifting/rigging and provide the right types of slings and lifting accessories. Our professional instructors will also let you know about the types of cranes and demonstrate the proper way of incorporating crane materials and accessories to perform such actions accordingly. 

  1. Lifting Operation Controls

In this lifting supervisor training, we will also make you learn all about lifting operation control. This part of the course is essential as this leads the whole operation and moves the necessary materials needed for the construction site. By knowing the proper controls, you’ll be able to deliver your job as a lifting supervisor.

  1. Role of the Banksman

Before conducting the lifting procedures, you need to be aware of your surroundings. At ITAC, we will help you realize the role of the banksman in spotting, maneuvering, and directing the movement of the vehicles around the site.  

  1. Lifting Rules and Regulations

In every training, we have to be reminded of the rules and regulations that come along with it. That’s why when you undergo the lifting supervisor training in Dubai, we will also teach you the dos and don’ts of crane operation to ensure proper implementation of tasks on site.

lifting supervisor Dubai

Course Objectives

This course provides an understanding about the lifting program, select and safely use of wire rope sling, select and safely use of Chain sling, select and safely use of web sling, select and safely use of Lifting accessories, crane Safety and positioning of People

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the participant will demonstrate that he/she is able to:

  • Select and safely use a wire rope sling. 
  • Select and safely use Chain sling. 
  • Select and safely use web sling 
  • Select and safely use of Lifting accessories 
  • Crane Safety 
  • Positioning of People 

Course Content Topics Covered Include:

This course includes theory and practice of all the subjects dealing with Overhead Crane Operations. 

  • Site Health & Safety requirements 
  • General knowledge of lifting equipment/operations 
  • Deliver tool box talk presentations 
  • Understand all slinging methods 
  • Know different sling configurations 
  • Control of the lifting operation 
  • Understand the role of the banksman 
  • Understand crane duty charts 
  • Know the certification required 
  • Considering the site safety requirements 

The list above are only some of the lessons ITAC’s instructors will teach our participants when it comes to the lifting supervisor course. We understand that being a lifting supervisor requires utmost precision and skills. This is a job that ensures the safety of the people around you as well as delivering the right materials on site. Implementing the proper actions with the right communication from the team and organizing the corresponding coordination strategies will make the crane safety operation a success. At ITAC, we will teach you all the ways about lifting supervisor training in Dubai. From assessing risks to implementing corrective measures, our team of experts will guide you every step of the way. Our years of experience in the industry have enabled us to provide you with the right learning inputs to further improve your skills and add this training to your knowledge. When you complete this course, you will be given a valid 2-year certificate that proves you have undertaken the lifting supervisor training

Enroll at ITAC and experience exceptional learning with our lifting supervisor course from our diverse team of instructors who will teach you in any mode of learning. Contact us today.


  • Verbal / Oral Examination 
  • Practical Demonstration

Course Duration

1 days


Successful delegates will be issued a certificate valid for 2 years.

Approval & Accredited by national and international bodies.

  • DM Approved

Frequently Asked Questions

The lifting supervisor training in Dubai is important for safety during lifting operations. This training helps individuals to gain the necessary knowledge and improve skills to supervise lifting operations effectively.

The lifting supervisor course is designed for those working or responsible for overviewing lifting operations. The course is suitable for anyone, especially site supervisors, project managers, foremen, and those appointed to ensure the safe execution of lifting tasks.

ITAC offers lifting supervisor training in Dubai that covers various important topics such as risk assessment, equipment inspection, load calculations, etc. The training includes essential safety procedures and methods that must be taken out during lifting operations.

At ITAC, you will be provided with a 2-year course certificate for all the successful students at the institute. The lifting supervisor course availability lasts for up to 2-years.

At ITAC, we have the best instructors who will teach every participant with focus and reliability so they can explore the purpose of this lifting supervisor training. We don’t require specific regulations for training entries, anyone with the desired training learning option can join the institute.

Modes of Training

Face to Face
On Site

Language of Teaching

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Tagalog
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil


6-12 per batch
Mary Raj
Mary Raj
Good. Probably better than in-class training as the jump between lecture notes & interactive modelling was seamless. Of course the interaction with other ...
marags hydee
marags hydee
the training was good and i had a best experience in it.. thanks to ITAC Safety
anax cctv
anax cctv
The Training we have received from ITAC Safety Dubai has been excellent. They were extremely professional and pleasant to work with and we look forward to working with them again in the near future. I would like to recommend ITAC Safety Training Institute in Dubai UAE to all.
Anax Infotech
Anax Infotech
Very good training
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