Forklift Operator Safety Training

Get forklift operator safety training in Dubai with certification for clear understanding of Forklift Operating techniques & the duties and responsibilities of Forklift Truck operator.

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forklift operator safety training

Forklift Safety Training

Lifting heavy objects in a workplace, particularly in a warehouse, requires a lot of effort. It takes machinery and time to transport from one place to another within an area. That’s why in these jobs, a forklift is required to help move things quickly and conveniently. Without the proper training, a person might have a hard time trying to navigate such machinery which could potentially pose a risk at the workplace.

To ensure that there is proper forklift operator safety training, let ITAC equip you with the knowledge you need for this particular course. Our well-trained professionals are insightful with their expertise and can give you fruitful lessons that you can use after you’ve completed the training. Studying this requires a sense of awareness and understanding when dealing with forklift activities. You have to have a wide perspective and proper insight into such activities in the workplace to avoid potential risks and possible accidents. You won’t have to worry anymore because our highly skilled team of experts will guide you in this course every step of the way and ensure you are learning the very best. When you’ve finally achieved the learning outcomes, you will be given a certification valid for 2-years. You can then finally work in the field and create a good future for yourself with ITAC.

ITAC will conduct a forklift operator safety training program for individuals who are engaged in the working operations & maintenance of tractors, forklifts, lift trucks, and other specific industrial trucks working with electric motors. The forklift safety training program will train operators to adopt safety protocols and procedures connected with operating forklifts and other industrial trucks.

Inquire about forklift operator safety training today and discover a new way of learning with ITAC. We offer different health and safety, risk management training in every workplace. Contact us today to get started on your new set of skills.

Course Objectives

The Forklift Operator Safety Training Dubai course provides an understanding of the requirements for forklift operating It will aim to give the participants a deeper sense of awareness and understanding with dealing with forklift activities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a clear understanding of Forklift Truck Operation. 

  • Understand the duties and responsibilities of Forklift Truck operator. 

  • Know what are the types of Forklift Trucks.

  • Understand what are the components of Forklift Truck

  • Be aware of safe lifting practices and techniques.

  • Know how to read the load chart of a Forklift Truck.

  • Understanding Hazards with relation to Forklift Truck operation.

Course Content Topics Covered Include:

This course includes theory and practice of all the subjects dealt with Overhead Crane Operations. 

Components and Anatomy

  • Supporting Structure
  • Fork Arm
  • Hydraulic System
  • Mast
  • Leaf Chain
  • Operator Cabin
  • Emergency Shut Off
  • Warning Labels
  • Battery System

Safe Crane Operator’s Checklist

  • Owner’s Manual Review
  • Pre-Shift Inspection
  • Barricading the Area
  • Verbal Warning
  • Lifting of Loads
  • Testing the Brakes
  • Transporting of Loads
  • Forklift Operator Blind Spot
  • Entering and Exiting the forklift

Loading and Unloading Considerations

  • Load Center Calculation
  • Forklift Truck Center of Gravity
  • Traveling Speed


  • A certificate that is valid for two years will be given to successful delegates.

Course Duration

1 days


Successful delegates will be issued a certificate from NEBOSH UK.

Approval & Accredited by national and international bodies.

  • KHDA Approved
  • DM Approved

Frequently Asked Questions

ITAC helps you to understand the specific goals of forklift operator safety training in a safe and secure environment. The course holds a 1 day duration time with a 2-year valid certificate for successful candidates.

Operator training for forklifts is crucial because it teaches them the skills and knowledge they need to operate forklifts safely. This training also helps provide an understanding to reduce the risk of accidents. Also, every employee should learn the safety regulations, which can prevent severe, challenging situations for operators and their surrounding employees.

In addition to warehouse workers and logistic professionals, anyone involved in material handling can benefit from Forklift Operator Safety Training. A refresher course on safety practices and certification is important for novice operators as well as experienced operators.

Modes of Training

Face to Face
On Site

Language of Teaching

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Tagalog
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil
Mary Raj
Mary Raj
Good. Probably better than in-class training as the jump between lecture notes & interactive modelling was seamless. Of course the interaction with other ...
marags hydee
marags hydee
the training was good and i had a best experience in it.. thanks to ITAC Safety
anax cctv
anax cctv
The Training we have received from ITAC Safety Dubai has been excellent. They were extremely professional and pleasant to work with and we look forward to working with them again in the near future. I would like to recommend ITAC Safety Training Institute in Dubai UAE to all.
Anax Infotech
Anax Infotech
Very good training


6-12 per batch
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